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Real human pelvic bone


Antique human pelvic bone from a genuine human skeleton, selected from an antique collection of human bones. Professionally mounted on a hand turned wooden base with bespoke brass fittings.

Measurements: W: 16cm H: 27cm D: 5cm 

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By Mattaeus Ball

Our beech is locally sourced from our family run business in the United Kingdom. 


 Each skeleton that comes to us is treated with the uttermost respect and consideration. The bones we use were once part of a human life, we, therefore, ask that our customers and clients show the same respect after purchase, as we have whilst the bones were in our care.

We endeavor to give the bones a new lease of life and in doing so each piece created is painstakingly re-articulated in an original Victorian fashion, using as little damage as possible, this means we look for original holes placed from the previous articulators work and choose to create pieces which are dignifying in respect of the deceased. We only ever use ethically sourced human bones and ex-medical sourced bones. Please read more in our news section on human bones in order to learn more and be educated on the history of how they came to us, and why we deem our bones truly ethically sourced. Learn more about why it is so important to us, to preserve them with dignity and consideration at all times.