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Real human bone mystery Box - Master


The master collection. A mystery box containing a selection of ex medical human bones to the value of £90. 

Our boxes are a wonderful way to start or further add to an established collection. 

The bones in our mystery boxes are under 100 years. The HTA (Human Tissues Act) requires bones under 100 years not to be publicly displayed. 

Please note: What you see in the picture is an example, it is not what you will receive.                                                                 

Please note:  Our boxes are not suitable for children under the age of 16. Please keep out of reach of young children, bones can splinter if broken and cause a choking hazard.

American and Australian customers, please read:

Due to recent crazy price rises in postage to America and Australia, which is out of our control, we can no longer offer free shipping on orders under £100.

For orders under £100 you will now also need go to our custom orders section and purchase an extra postage charges.

We do apologise for having to put this charge in, unfortunately it is completely out of our control.

Again sorry for the inconvenience and we look forward to helping you however we can.

Each skeleton that comes to us is treated with the utmost respect and consideration. The bones we use were once part of a human life, we therefore ask that our customers and clients show the same respect, after purchase, as we have whilst the bones are in our care.

We only ever use ethically sourced human bones and ex-medical sourced bones. Please read more on human bones in our news section in order to learn more and be educated on the history of how they came to us and why we deem our bones truly ethically sourced.