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Light and dark sigil (digital Download)


This is a light and dark Sigil, a one off sigil drawn by Mattaeus Ball, that helps to find a lost soulmate from your past lives. It holds the power to navigate your eternal soul to a person that is destined to be in your life. 

The Sigil is a celestial compass that navigates a path of two souls that are bound to find each other. 

Use it with the purpose of finding someone that you've been looking for in this reincarnation and others.

This sigil is for those of you who feel the void inside that only the love of one special person can fill in. The love of your true soulmate.

The biggest power of a sigil lies in its ability to invoke forgotten memories of your eternal soul. Every sigil that was ever created is a powerful egregor that leads your subconscious to the past or future while linking it back to the present.

The term sigil is derived from the Latin word “sigillum” which means seal. A sigil is a symbol or design created to work with your unconscious self to help bring your goals and dreams into reality. Sigil magic enables you to focus and become clear about your intentions.

When it comes to working with sigils, it’s essential to understand that you’re trying to go around your conscious mind and connect with your unconscious self.

The conscious mind will put up barriers, skepticism, or place restrictions on your intentions, making it challenging to materialize your wishes and desires. With sigils you can directly connect to your subconscious, making your spiritual power unlimited. Seeing a sigil frequently can act as a reminder to your unconscious self and will repeatedly give energy to your intention or desire.

There are many ways to charge your sigils: through emotional, sensual, or spiritual energy, but it’s important you find a way that works best for you. It’s critical that you feel comfortable. There’s no wrong or right way to do it.

The most crucial step in any sigil activating is that you embed the image of the sigil into your subconscious mind.

Here are few techniques that you can use:

During meditation. Relax and look at the image of your sigil. Repeat chants or phrases as you focus and meditate on your sigil.

Charge it during an extremely emotional time when you’re experiencing intense feelings (sadness, fear, happiness, etc.)

Place it on your altar or mirrors for as long as you feel needed. 

When you use sigils to cast spells, or in your rituals, there are few ways you can release a sigil:

  • Burn your sigil that’s written or printed on paper
  • Tear it up
  • Release into a stream, river, or water of choice
  • Bury it inside earth
  • Release it into the wind

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