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A skull is for life not just for Christmas

Posted on July 14 2018

A skull is for life not just for Christmas

Let us get straight to the point....

A large majority of the human skulls for sale online currently are in fact grave robbed. Ex-medical skulls and bones from the human skeleton are becoming rarer as the years go by, a quick history lesson.......

In 1832 the use of human bones for the trade in the medical industry ceased due to grave robbing issues, India then came into the equation as the worlds biggest supplier of human bones for the medical industry. In 1985 the bone trade from India became illegal, as one not so delightful person was caught selling an extremely large collection of children's skeletons, thus exporting was stopped in its tracks. Shortly after China took the main place for human bone exports but this did not last and stopped shortly after, in 2008. 

So what we have left here is strictly that, which might give you an idea as to why the prices of human bones are so high, and keep rising in price. 

As the oddities communities grew larger so did the demand for real human skulls to own, and this is where the grave robbing started taking place again, more specifically this time in Europe. Skulls and skeletons are taken from graves, mausoleums, catacombs, bone churches and old war fields. 

Maybe you don't care, you got a cheaper skull, you got a bargain.... you wanted one in your house and now you do, why should you care? quite simply put, because the person whose skull you now own, their relatives most likely visit that persons grave still. They lay flowers, they mourn and they use that place of burial as a personal grieving space for years to come, is it right that their loved ones skeletal remains are in your cool collection? 

Consider this, someone you don't know goes to your mother, father, sister, wife's, or even children's grave and digs up their bones, they refill the grave with a someone else who recently died, they take the bones home separate them up and stick them up on social media for sale.. your mum's skull for £200.00, bargain!

A grave doesn't need to be a marked place, it is where that person was committed to the ground, where they fell and drew their last breath. There doesn't need to be a tombstone for it to be a grave, be it a chosen last resting place or not, this does not give people the rights to remove the bones from the ground and sell them on as macabre decor for your inner goth, these bones still deserve respect and consideration at all times. 

 So whilst I waggle the finger of dismay in your general direction,  lets presume you  didn't know what you were buying, and how on earth are you supposed to know what to look out for when buying human bones, you want them to be ethical, you want to make a purchase which originally came from the medical industry.

  • Stay clear of online sellers that have a large collection of human bones.
  • If a human skull is an ex-medical piece, look for things like the calvarium cut (  the top of the skull separated from the rest of the skull) a hole in the top of the skull which would have allowed a full human skeleton to be hung up for use to teach medical students. Little hooks or pins on the side of the skull which would have been used to attach the top to the bottom for medical use.
  • Unless dealing with a reputable seller, the price is a great indication. If the skull you are buying is under £400.00 it could be grave robbed, depending on the nature of the sale.
  • Dirt! It sounds obvious but we have been to numerous places where human skulls up for sale have actual dirt in the cavities, underneath, in the eyes... dirt is a major red flag!


We hope these pointers help you on your journey to buying a real human skull and human bones. It goes without saying that we make sure our bones are authentically sourced if in doubt we are always happy to help source the right item for your collection and to give advice, if in doubt always purchase from a reputable seller and in person. 



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  • Sarah: July 20, 2018

    This is a really good message to spread around. Something people may not think about before buying. The whole “cool to have a skull” thing. Yeah it could still be a loves one who is still visited. Keep you ethics alive… !

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